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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education 

Outdoor Ed


Each year Sequoia Elementary 5th Grade students participate in the Outdoor Education program. Students are accompanied by three teachers and 12 adult chaperones, departing from our school by charter bus for Westminster Woods, an outdoor education facility in Occidental, located in Sonoma County. During their four days of outdoor education, they engage in a challenge course, enjoy nighttime campfire and ecology programs, study redwood ecology during a hike through the beautiful redwoods surrounding the school, and study stream ecology at the Dutch Bill Creek, which runs through the school site. The students will not only get to take advantage of a unique, hands-on learning experience, but they also build memories that will last a lifetime!


We are always in need of 12 parent chaperones/cabin leaders to accompany the students. The chaperones will be with the students during all hours of the day, except the hour the students are with their teachers after dinner. All chaperones must be TB tested, fingerprinted, and cleared by the school district.