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CMEA Bay Section's Outstanding Elementary Music Educator Award - Our Mr. Kenn!
Posted 1/11/23

We are pleased to share that our amazing music teacher, Mr. Kenn Hutchinson-Surette, was recently honored with the CMEA Bay Section's Outstanding Elementary Music Educator Award. Pictured above is Mr. Kenn Hutchinson-Surette with Sequoia Elementary Principal Becky Vichiquis at the award ceremony during the CMEA Annual Conference at San Jose State University on January 6th, 2023. 


Please join me in congratulating Mr. Kenn on this prestigious achievement!

Mr. Kenn


Principal Becky Vichiquis

Sequoia Elementary School



Here is Mr. Kenn's bio:

Mr. Kenn teaches Elementary Music, K-5 at Sequoia and Sun Terrace Elementary Schools for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.  His work covers a number of areas within the field of music education.  He has taught for non-profit organizations, private schools, and in public school districts throughout his career.  He says, “A good teacher is a good student.  We must always keep a teachable spirit, learning as much as we can in the process about ourselves and the world in which we share .  Life is a school and we never stop learning.  

Traveling abroad for the purpose of cultural exchange is an essential part of continuing to learn throughout life and connect with the world around us.  New environments bring stimulation and inspire us to grow and to become more than we were before that experience.  This is one way I seek to better myself and my classroom for both personal and professional growth.”   He holds a vision of encouraging others to express from within themselves through the Arts.

I believe in the creative power of the human spirit.  In my perspective, it is important to approach music education as a tool in a holistic model.  The process of music making nurtures our students in their cognitive, emotional and physical development.  By using music as a tool, it is my goal to edify the individual person and build a sense of unity within the community among the people of the world.  That is no easy task in today's market but one well worth the reward.  Musical expression plays an important role in our lives and in our society.  It is my hope that we uphold with integrity the aesthetic expression of those who came before us, as humanity continues to evolve in more creative endeavors.