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Second Grade Locker
7/2/17 6:35 PM
3/24/21 7:15 AM

Second Grade

          Felton - Room 22

          Marshall - Room 23

          Ramirez - Room 26

          Smith, C. - Room 17

2nd Grade Online Learning

     IXL       IXL | Mathkids and chalkboard

     Mystery Science Mini-lessons

           Are unicorns real?globe

           How is glass made?

           Why is the ocean salty?

           How are toys invented?

           How do germs get inside your body?

           How does hand sanitizer kill germs?kids and backpacks

     Go Noodle     GoNoodle: Homeschool house and bus

     Clever      Clever Log in 

     Scholastic     Scholastic | Grades 1-2

     Accelerated Reader     Accelerated Reader 

     Art for Kids Hub      Art for Kids